Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Long time, no see!

Well, I guess I disappeared off the blogisphere for awhile, didn't I?! My last post was in January and here we are at the beginning of summer. I had a lot on my plate the last few months, so I guess blogging just went to the back of my brain.

So much has been happened it the last few months. Some great things and some not so great. I will admit it has been a stressful time. Unfortunately, that stress has had an impact on the sexual department, and that's pretty much the pits. It isn't really a dry spell, but a lack of inspiration, a dip in self confidence, and less frequency. It is hard for me to feel desirable, which then totally puts me out of the mood. I just want to feel sexy, but I am having difficulty doing so.

There has been some fun in the last few months. I wish there was more, but that will just have to be worked on. I had a bit of fun in the car for my husband, at his request, and I think we both enjoyed that a lot. It always surprises me when he makes requests, but I wish he would do it more often. It is a real turn on.

So, there ya go. I am attempting to get myself back to normal state of mind and back into my sexual groove. I can't wait to get back to my normal horny self!

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