Monday, January 28, 2013

Times are changing

Ah, my good intentions with this blog just weren't enough for me to keep it going! Here we are in a brand new year! It is amazing how fast time can fly by without noticing. In my post last May, I made mention of lots of things going on in my life, and well lots more have happened since! Times are changing for me. My husband and I are expecting a baby soon!

This has been quite the adventure. It is kind if scary in a multitude of ways. This was planned out, but reality is that you have no idea how something is going to be until you go through it for real. It has been rough. I was lucky to not have morning sickness. I was very lucky to feel perfectly normal for the majority of the pregnancy. Things really did catch up to me as I get into the 3rd trimester and I realized that I am not super woman. Things hurt that I never knew could hurt! Getting put of bed in the morning can be a bit of a task haha. There are a million things that I need to get done and not enough hours in the day...

So here I am. I am so excited to meet this little person but very scared. I, of course, worry about the basics of being a good parent, but I also worry about my relationship with my husband. I know it will be an adjustment for sure, but I want to make sure we still have time to devote to each other. I know we have to find a balance. I want to keep that intimacy alive.

I cannot promise that I will be too active with this blog after baby, but I will say that I will try. After all, just because I am becoming a mom doesn't mean I am no longer a sexual woman. I know our child will make our lives that much sweeter and be worth all the lost sleep. We will learn and adapt and appreciate nap time quickies ;-)

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