Thursday, January 12, 2012

dress up

I have been on a bit of lingerie kick lately. I never really owned any till the last few years, and even then it was just little nightie type things. I didn't feel confident enough with my body (in person-photos/videos are a little different... I will touch on that later) to wear anything too revealing, even though the end result was to get naked. ha. Doesn't make much sense but meh. Anyways, I have been doing better in feeling more comfortable in my own skin, and in turn feeling more confident to wear sexy little costumes and such for my man. I know he enjoys it so it gives me enjoyment too and makes me feel good  about myself.

I remember my first nightie I bought. I got it at Christmas time along with my first pair of crotchless panties. It was pink and had a deep, lacy v that plunged down past my breasts. I felt so uncomfortable wearing it that I chickened out putting it on Christmas evening. Luckily, I toughened up a bit and wore it later. Since then, I feel a lot more secure and I have added a bunch more to my wardrobe. If I had unlimited funds, hell even just a pretty big amount to throw around, I would go on the biggest shopping spree for lingerie (and toys probably).

I dressed up a little this evening. I made sure to be ready when my man got home from work. I decided on a corset up top. It is really frilly and just hot. Since I have gargantuan tits, I put on a tank top under to help secure the girls. Normally I would skip this, but I was planning on wearing this longer then just in the bedroom and my tits tend to want to escape. With the corset I paired a little skirt and crotchless, lacy panties. When my man came home, I was all ready and wearing an apron cooking dinner for us. I think he got a kick out of having me already dressed up since normally I would be in my usual casual attire.

After he was sufficiently fed and we relaxed a little, we headed to the bed room. Needless to say, my outfit didn't stay on very long. After we had our fun, he was asking what I was going to wear for him tomorrow! Lucky for him, I have a little something tucked away in the closet that I have been waiting to wear.

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