Thursday, January 19, 2012


Soooo, I got my giveaway package today from Brie! (I mentioned it in THIS post) It was like Christmas morning opening it up ;-) Let me share with you what I got!
The bonus item I won: the best stuff ever, Shunga Erotic Massage Oil

She was so sweet to send me some extras! This is the Inked Slim Vibe. I love the design!!

"Frenzy- 60 Stories of sudden sex" Can't wait to crack this book open! Sounds like something to get the juices flowing!

JO H2O Warming anal lube! I am so excited to try this out!!

Oooo la la Fishnet stockings

Another must have- Eden wipes! Keep 'em next to the bed for after play time- with toys or a partner (or both hehe)

Thank you so much Brie! You should check out her blog, Behind Closed Doors, HERE.

I hope in the future I can host my own giveaways, once I get a bit more established here. Until then I look forward to sharing my love of sex, toys and everything in-between!

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