Friday, January 13, 2012


You know what really gets me excited? The idea of doing naughty things in a public or semi-public place. Basically, somewhere there is a chance (even a small one) of getting caught. Let me put this out there that I DON'T want to get caught and I also don't want to expose myself to others. It excites me to think of doing something outside of the cookie cutter, sex in bed sort of thing.
So far, I haven't really played this fantasy out too much. My man and I are still working up to being more daring, I believe. We done a few things, but nothing too shocking in my opinion.

We've done the pretty tame sex while tent camping. Quite a few times, actually. The first time was at a smallish camp ground where there were only about 4 sites occupied. They were pretty spread out, so we didn't have any neighbors too close for comfort. The next camping trip was at a state park with a lake. We had a lakeside spot with gorgeous views. We had a neighbor for one of the nights, but, other than that, we were pretty secluded. The third camping trip was a small camp ground with spots very close together. We had neighbors the whole time, but we were in the last spot so they were only on one side of us. It was still kinda fun since I couldn't make too much noise.

We've fooled around a bit in mother nature. On the first trip I mentioned, we adventured off on some of the hiking trails and decided to have a little fun. I got down on my knees and gave him head for a few minutes before bending over and taking it from behind. He pulled out and came on the bushes next to me so I wouldn't have to be too messy on our hike back. On the lake trip we went swimming. I remember there was this older man that was giving us dirty looks from his camp and at that point we weren't even doing anything yet! After he took off somewhere, I pulled down my bathing suit in the water so my hunny could play with my nipples while I stroked him underwater. We didn't go much further than that since old dude returned, so we went back to our site to fuck.

Last Valentine's Day evening we got the stroke of genius that was, "hey, let's go out on the balcony and I'll give you head!" Well, it was fucking cold. I should have planned this one a little better and also picked a better time of the year! I were out there for about 10 minutes before the cold and the concrete became too irritating that we ventured back inside. I hope we can try that one again another time.

A few months ago, I gave him head and he fucked me doggie style at his work. No one was there since it was their day off, but it was still fun. It's a nice thing for him to think about while he is there. More recently I played with my vibrator in the car on our way home from across town. I think my hunny really liked that one. Or at least the huge tent his jeans were making told me so ;-) Oh yeah, I kinda also got him hard by rubbing him dick through his pants while flying last year. I would have gone further, but it was just a puddle jumper and a short flight so I didn't have too much time.

Well, this has gotten all rambly and may not make too much sense, but has totally gotten my imagination flowing. I want to try more things for sure, we just have to make it happen. Hopefully he will give me some ideas as well, since I know it is something that turns him on too. I put in a little order on Eden tonight, so soon I will have 2 new toys that may help me out, especially with the playing in the car. The worst part of ordering online is the dreaded wait for the package. I am so spoiled by instant gratification of buying in stores that even just a few days sucks haha I will for sure be posting about my new toys after I get them, so stay tuned!

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