Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ugh, I meant to get a post in last night or sometime during the day, but I just didn't have the motivation or idea about what I wanted to write about. I did not end up following my plan last night with my new toy since it was hinted that I should wait till today. We did have a bit of fun when we got home and I received some "punishment" for not doing as I was told. I was instructed to pull my tits out as we drove home, but there were a lot of cars on the road so I got a bit nervous about being seen. As a punishment I got spanked and he tortured me by licking and playing with my clit till I came three times and squirted, which I try to avoid when I can (the squirting, not the cumming). He also fucked me wearing a vibrating cock ring while I wore my plug.

So, yeah, eventful night. I did get to play around with my toy a little while sucking his cock and I used the other to run it over is dick and balls as I was playing with them. As for today, no action for me. I have been having a scratchy throat since over the weekend, and it has been rather bothersome today. That, plus Mr. got tied up in a video game so no sexin' for this girl. Luckily I know I am not sick, I just don't know what is up with my throat. It may be from a lube I used but I am not too sure.

Right now I am trying to figure out something for the Mr. and me to do over the weekend, since we don't want to be stuck at home. Not too sure though. It would be easier if we lived near bigger cities and if it wasn't winter. There is so much more to do during the warmer months around here. We may go on a road trip or something. Hopefully we'll have some naughty fun while we are out and about too. Hopefully he will be up for that.

I was a little bit sad today when a package I was thinking would arrive today didn't, so I hoped for tomorrow. Then I found out it was delivered today, but not to my door! This is becoming a problem for me lately. I am home during the day and when I know I may have a package, I keep an ear out for the door. Sometimes it gets delivered no problem. Other times they go straight to the office and leave it there without putting the door tag on my door to let me know it is in the office in the first place. Normally this isn't too big of an issue since I can track things online, but once around Christmas the in-laws sent a large package to us but did not give us a tracking number. We waited for days around when it was supposed to arrive but nothing came. In-laws found the tracking number for us and we looked it up, only to find it was delivered almost a week before. At that point the office was closed for the holidays and our package was locked inside.

So anyways, hopefully my package is safe and sound in the office when I go by there tomorrow. I am really excited because it is from the Giveaway I blogged about a few days ago! I wish I could get go pick it up now :-( I really wish that shipping companies would actually come to my door to try and deliver before leaving it at the office. /rant.

Well, I am going to sign off for now. I am going to brainstorm some topics to touch on and hopefully I will have a new entry up sometime during the day. 

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