Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Saturday!!

Hope everyone has had a nice first day of the weekend! It was a pretty lazy day, but you can't be go-go-go all the time! Tonight was really fun though. It had a rough start, but a firework finish.

First of all, I did manage to pick up some silicone lube (love!!) so I had to try that out. I should have had this a long time ago. It gave the perfect slip to stroke the Mr's cock, but it wasn't too wet or sticky. A little lasted a long time too! We did something we don't do often, but I LOVEEE when we do- 69ing. OMG like the tongue of an angel on my clit haha SO. GOOD. After I was good and ready for him, I put in my little butt plug and presented myself to him to fuck. Yeah, total sensation/pleasure overload.

So that part of my night was awesome to say the least. To add a little more awesomeness, I found out I won a prize in a giveaway (Behind Closed Doors: Welcome 2012 Giveaway Winners) from Brie at Behind Closed Doors! I have seriously never won anything before so this made my day! Thanks so much to Brie!

Well, I best get to posting this so I can get some rest. The Mr. is snoozing next to me as I type this. Hopefully we will have a fun day tomorrow ;-) We didn't make it out to the sex shop today, so I think we will have to check it out tomorrow. That gets me pretty excited to think about, for sure!

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