Friday, January 20, 2012


So, I was thinking about subjects I wanted to write about today, and I remembered mentioning something the other day about how the Mr. made me squirt. Well that's not something I have mentioned before, so, I figure, why not devote a whole post about it!

Let me start out by saying this. I was skeptical that squirting was even possible. I have seen the pornos of girls repeatedly squirting into other girls mouths and it just seemed like the were peeing. I knew that I certainly had never squirt during sex, but I was pretty new at it as well.

I think it was well over a year after I had sex on a regular basis that I squirt for the very first time. They say the first time is the "hardest" and now it is easier to make me squirt. I think that it is a mental block because the feeling before you have that release is that you have to pee. Most people don't want to piss themselves, especially during such a vulnerable moment, so you may ignore that feeling. The first time, I was so close to the edge I lost control and it happened.

I am not sure what men think it feels like when we squirt, maybe like it does for them to cum, but it's hard to explain. It is a release. It feels good, but does feel different than an orgasm for me. It can happen concurrently with an orgasm, and that is even better. I can squirt just with clitoral stimulation or g-spot. I have had such a powerful release that I have clenched so hard while being fucked it pushed his dick right out of me followed by an explosion of liquid. I have squirted with a toy once, but I usually use toys to mix up sex, not to just masturbate. That's another entry in itself! I squirted once with oral, but during an orgasm so I didn't know it happened till after I got up to find a puddle.

Now the Mr. loves and, a lot of the time, strives to make me squirt. It is a huge turn on for him. I do enjoy when it happens, but at times I try to hold it back because it makes such a huge mess. I do squirt quite a bit when I do, so just a towel will not do enough to save the sheets from it. I have used multiple towels stacked and still soaked through during a long session. I have also made a huge mess on the couch haha. I wasn't happy after the fact, when I was cleaning it up! I plan on getting a liberator throe soon enough so it will no longer be an issue. Gotta save my pennies first!

So, I know there are a lot of skeptics out there. I was one before, so I understand. They think it is just pee or whatever. I can tell you it is not. It doesn't smell like pee and it is not yellow. It does have a slight odor, but distinctly different from urine. It does not feel like you are peeing when it happens. You may feel the urge to before it happens, but the sensation is completely different when it is happening. Also, I have been able to soak the bed and get up directly following and empty my full bladder.

I am proud to say I squirt. My man knows how to make me feel good and I love the release it gives me. It's also a win because he thinks it is hot! Now I just have to invest in the necessary "equipment" (see below) to keep the mess to a minimum and I can squirt to my heart's content.

Dual sided microfiber and satin sex blanket with moistureproof coreMachine washable plush and satin sex blanket with moistureproof barrier in the centerPlushy and waterproof throe

Do you or has a partner of yours squirted? What is your take on it?  If you are a squirter, what do you do to contain the mess?

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